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Develope future skills, create positive energy & make an impact

At IXT we like to make an impact. Our mission is to find the right highly-skilled Data & AI and Robotics & Automation professional for every manufacturing company, who will make the digital difference either temporarily or permanently.

There is a growing demand for data, AI and robotics specialists for the process of digitizing production and logistics processes and their customer service. Not least because of the developments within the field. The field of robotics is experiencing rapid technological advancements. Artificial Intelligence is no longer a pipe dream, it’s already happening. And if you collect and analyze all the data generated by automated and robotized systems, the opportunities are endless.

IXT helps companies to exploit these opportunities, thus supporting them in digitizing manufacturing operations, logistics processes and customer service. We achieve this by making the match between individuals with skills in data, AI and robotics, and companies in the manufacturing industry in South East Netherlands. Our motto is “developing future skills”, which is why we also actively search for talented individuals who wish to develop their skills in the fields of data, AI and/or robotics. Positive energy plays an important role in this; a job or assignment that fits who you are and what you can do has a positive impact on your life. That is why we look beyond a match on a CV; we look at the match between an individual and organization.


IXT is the co-initiator of the Data Science & AI Academy at the Brightlands Campus in Venlo.

During a unique training program, we train and coach professionals who have graduated at University or Higher Vocational Education level, in Business Modelling, Data Science & AI methods and technologies.

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National and international

There is a shortage of talent in the fields of data, AI and robotics. For that reason, in addition to its branches in Eindhoven and Venlo, IXT has a branch in Spain.

We recruit highly-skilled trained data, AI, robotics and automation specialists from Spain for assignments in the Netherlands.


At IXT, we find and connect talent in the fields of data, AI and robotics, people who make the difference for your organization.

We do this in a way that suits your organization and situation: outsourcing, on an interim employment basis and through Recruitment as a Service.

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Vaes & Linthorst Management Matching

For vacancies or interim assignments at management and board level, we join forces with our sister company Vaes & Linthorst Management Matching.

This collaboration means that, when required, IXT has a direct line with effortless communication to Vaes & Linthorst, for optimal results.

More than 40 years’ experience within ICT and technology

IXT is managed by Maurice Deenen and Hans Hendrikx. Maurice brings more than 15 years of experience from the technology sector to the table. Hans has a background in the ICT sector, with more than 25 years’ experience. They both have an in-depth understanding of where the digital challenges lie, making IXT a sound partner. For both manufacturing companies in South East Netherlands and for data, AI and robotics talent.

Nederlandse AI Coalitie

IXT is a member of the AI Coalition Netherlands (NL AIC). This is a public-private partnership in which the government, the business sector, educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organizations, collaborate. The coalition aims to stimulate, support and where necessary organize the Dutch activities in AI. The ambition is to position the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst for AI applications in our country.

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