About us

IXT and X-Kwadraat will join forces from January 1, 2021 and will continue under the label IXT Data- & Robotics professionals, developing future skills.

The focus of IXT is entirely on Data & AI and Robotics & Automation specialists for the Manufacturing industry. We want to respond to the growing demand for specialists who can support manufacturing companies in digitizing production and logistics processes and their customer service. The D for Digitization of Data belongs as standard in Porter’s marketing mix and as the 7th P essential for every Smart Factory!

Our mission is to find the right highly trained Data & AI and Robotics & Automation professional for every manufacturing company who will temporarily or permanently make the digital difference.

Given the extremely tight labor market for Data & AI and Robotics & Automation specialists, we will not only recruit in the Netherlands but also attract international specialists. In particular, we are active in Spain with our own office to recruit highly trained Data & AI and Robotics & Automation specialists and bring them to the Netherlands.


IXT has 3 service concepts for this:

  • Secondment basis: IXT has the role of employer and seconds the specialist on the basis of a fixed daily rate. An additional appointment can be made here to take over the specialist free of charge after 2,000 hours worked.
  • Interim basis: IXT mediates the specialist on a hired basis and charges a fixed surcharge% on the hourly rate of the freelancer.
  • Recruitment As A Service: IXT charges a fixed, tiered depending on the number of vacancies, rate per month to recruit Data & AI and Robotics & Automation specialists for the customer.


IXT is also co-initiator of the Datascience & AI Academy on the Brightlands Campus in Venlo. In 12 teaching days, employees with HBO/WO education are retrained to Data Science & AI professionals. During this three-month process, all kinds of methodologies and techniques are learned. In addition, a self-invented idea that has to do with data is converted into a business case.

IXT is led by Maurice Deenen (active in the Technology sector for 15 years) and Hans Hendrikx (active in the IT sector for more than 25 years). By understanding the content of the digital challenges, IXT is a solid discussion partner for both our client and the professional. Jill Peeters and Mayke Leijendekkers are active as recruitment consultants for IXT.

IXT is a member of the Dutch AI Coalition. The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is a public-private partnership in which government, industry, educational and research institutions and civil society organizations work together. The aim of the coalition is to stimulate, support and, where necessary, organize Dutch activities in AI. The NL AIC wants to put the Netherlands in a leading position in the field of knowledge and the application of AI for prosperity and well-being. The NL AIC must function as the catalyst for AI applications in our country. More information can be found at

Vaes & Linthorst group

IXT is part of the Vaes & Linthorst group. Added together, the Vaes & Linthorst group has over 50 years of recruitment experience and has built up an enormous network. We use this network to create the optimal match between you as a candidate or interim professional and a suitable company and client.

Are you looking for a (different) job or interim assignment? We regularly have new vacancies or interim assignments of which we would like to keep you informed. We guarantee that your application will be treated confidentially with us.

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