Recruitment as a Service

IXT is also an alternative to the traditional one-off success fee model and offers RaaS, Recruitment as a Service. For a fixed monthly amount (based on the expected number of vacancies), IXT takes care of employer branding and the recruitment & selection of the right professionals.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is recruitment in a subscription form. You make an estimate of the number of vacancies to be filled per year with an annual salary of up to

€ 60,000. Then you take out a subscription for the duration of 12 months.

RaaS offers the following added value compared to ‘doing it yourself’:

  • Fixed monthly rate without surprises. No unexpected costs afterwards.
  • RaaS is on average 50% cheaper than ‘do it yourself / own recruiter’ and on average 30% cheaper than the regular recruitment & selection fees.
  • The candidate’s salary no longer determines the calculation of the recruitment and selection fee.
  • No terms and arrangements such as down payment and exclusivity
  • An extensive business intake to discuss the personnel planning for the coming year and to properly understand the company and its DNA
  • A personal consultant as a point of contact
  • Monthly progress report.
  • You are entitled to one Personal Profile Analysis (personality test) per vacancy.
  • You can have one comprehensive assessment per vacancy at a reduced price.
  • 3 months warranty on the delivered candidate.
  • If you have any credits left at the end of the period, you are allowed to take them over to the new period when you renew the subscription for 12 months.